Introducing SwapFox OTC Desk

OTC means over-the-counter market. The OTC is a market where EOT is traded directly between the Buyer and the trader, SwapFox. OTC trading has no physical location — trading is done electronically.

Many traders wish to make larger trades directly with a counterparty without having to go through the public order books, i.e. Exchanges.

To make that possible, SwapFox offers the services of an Over The Counter (OTC) Trading Desk. Through our OTC desk, traders and investors will be able to access digital currency liquidity without affecting the exchange market price.

OTC Desk

Over the counter sales for mass buy of EOT coins and EOT tokens. A minimum transaction of 50000 coins applies.

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Coin to Token Conversion

1:1 Exchange of EOT tokes and EOT coins - A service fee of 1% and a minimum transaction of 50000 Coins or Tokens applies. Add your request in the contact form attached.

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Trading Hours

Mon - Fri: 05:00 am UTC to 16:00 pm UTC